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Make a Donation

Helping us Achieve our Goals…

The Foundation for Aging Studies and Exercise Science Research is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (Tax ID: 20-3793010) and contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.  The Foundation recognizes that there has never been a greater need for an understanding of how exercise, nutrition and aging studies are interrelated and how many of these factors can be manipulated to greatly improve the quality of life as one ages. Therefore, the Foundation has established the following objectives:

(a) to carry on scientific research in the public interest, and provide resources in support of scientific research in the public interest, in the areas of aging studies, exercise science, nutrition, and environmental physiology, including promoting an interdisciplinary focus on such research and interaction between researchers and students from various disciplines to utilize theory, methodology, and experience to analyze aging, exercise science and nutrition to provide knowledge and accessible programs that will enrich the lives of citizens of all ages;

(b) to carry on scientific research for the purposes of: (i) aiding in the scientific education of college or university students, (ii) obtaining scientific information to be published in treatises, theses, trade publications or other forms that are available to the interested public, (iii) aiding and educating the aging and elderly portion of the population to encourage the development and implementation of healthy exercise and nutritional habits by the aging and elderly portion of the population as well as the general public;

(c) to release, provide and make available the results of the Foundation's research to the public on a nondiscriminatory basis;

(d) to instruct the public on the subjects of aging, exercise science, nutrition and environmental physiology to demonstrate and educate the public on the latest scientific knowledge in these fields and the usefulness and benefits of exercise and nutrition, including through establishing and maintaining teaching and research projects for undergraduate and post-graduate students, laboratory development and research, development and maintenance of a library of research resources devoted to the subjects of aging, exercise science and nutrition to act as a clearinghouse for dissemination of information on such subjects;

Each year The Foundation for Aging Studies and Exercise Science Research provides grants in support of research focusing on these objectives. Of particular interest is helping promising young students gain vital research experience and foster in them a desire to seek careers in these critical areas of science.

The Foundation Advisory Board meets each year to review grant applications after receiving them in March. The dedication and commitment of the Advisory Board is essential to the implementation of this rigorous review process.

The Foundation Board of Directors is dedicated to the management, growth and acquisition of resources necessary for the Foundation to fulfill its mission. The Foundation for Aging Studies and Exercise Science Research actively seeks gifts from individuals, corporations, foundations and other partners interested in supporting its efforts to achieve the objectives set forth upon its creation. It is recognized that, without the leadership demonstrated by donors like you many of the activities of the Foundation would cease.

How will your gift be utilized?

You can donate unrestricted gifts to the Foundation to support its general activities or you can target a specific objective listed above to be the focus of your generosity. Of utmost importance is participation. Ongoing support of the Foundation's mission allows us to build a bold future in which age is not a limiting factor.

Ways that You can Give…

There are a number of ways that you can give to The Foundation for Aging Studies and Exercise Science Research. They include but are not limited to:

• Making a lead gift by making a pledge and paying on that pledge
   monthly or quarterly.
• Donating stocks, bonds, or life insurance policies.
• Making an annual gift that is unrestricted or targeted to one of the
   Foundation's mission objectives.
• Checking if your company, organization, or university has a matching
   gift program.
• Making a planned gift by including the Foundation in your will, starting
   a charitable trust or a charitable annuity, or donating gifts of real

The most important thing to remember is that your participation
and support are essential to the success of our mission

       If the Foundation's mission is consistent with your intent, checks can be made
       out to TFASESR and sent to:

       241 Sir Thomas Lunsford Drive
       Williamsburg, VA 23185