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Publications of Research Supported by TFASESR

Ken Kambis, Michio Yasukawa, Reina Chamberlain, Erica Jackson Alastair Connell (2009) Normobaric hypoxic pre-acclimation and ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro by a 69.5-year-old man: A case study. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 45(5): S212.

Michio Yasukawa, Niha Zubair, Reina Chamberlain, Julie Barnes, Kristen Kappos, Erica Jackson, Alastair Connell, and Ken Kambis (2009). Normobaric simulated altitude reduces appetite but not smell identification. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 41(5) S214.

Julie Barnes, Reina Chamberlain, Tiffanie Tsui, Trevor Stanley, Ashley Artese, Christina Padilla, Michio Yasukawa, Alastair Connell, and Ken Kambis (2008). Intermittent hypoxic exposure for four days improves reaction time upon acute exposure to high altitude. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 40(5): S171.

Kambis, K.W., J. Barnes, R. Chamberlain, A. Artese, T. Tsui, and T. Stanley (2006). Short-term intermittent hypoxic exposure attenuates negative mood reductions at simulated high altitude: A pilot study. High Altitude Medicine & Biology, 7(4): 334.

Current Research Supported by TFASESR

Michael R. Deschenes, Ph.D.
The College of William & Mary
Specificity of sarcopenia according to muscle function and fiber type

Christy Jensen, Ph.D.
Center for Excellence in Aging and Geriatric Health
Revitalization of the CEAGH Website

Kenneth W. Kambis, Ph.D., and Stephen R. Muza, Ph.D.
The Jack Borgenicht Altitude Physiology Research Facility
Individual variability during rest and exercise at sea level and normobaric hypoxia simulating a physiologic altitude of 3,500 m.

Angela Ridgel, Ph.D., John Gunstad, Ph.D., and Ellen Glickman, Ph.D.
Kent State University
Benefits of aerobic exercise on cognitive function in older adults and
individuals with Parkinson’s disease

Theresa Tran, M.D.
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
Effect of subclinical hypothyroidism and impact of treatment with levothyroxine on exercise capacity in young and elderly patients

K. Kambis and T. Moran
The College of William and Mary
Acclimatization to 16d of normobaric intermittent hypoxia exposure in a 71-year-old male